Choosing Rugs And Tapestries – The Entryway

You can add the ambiance of your room by using rugs and tapestries. It can be used to create a warm stark-looking space and to make an uncomfortable large room appear smaller, or maybe just too add to the overall theme of your room. You can choose rugs and tapestries based on what effect you want to get on your room. Rugs is a multi use decor item. You can use it on the floor or hang them as wall decor. They can easily move and durable.

Choosing Rugs And Tapestries - The Entryway .png

In choosing your rugs, you need to analyze carefully especially about where will you put them. For example, for a room that has large mobilizes like many people will come to that place, then you can not put an expensive or thick rugs. Usually you use rug to add some color to the floor and added level of insulation. You can choose the dull down color rug, because it not meant to be an eye catching. You can put rug in the entryways to add your personality to the area like a simple “welcome” message.

Tapestries will speak volumes about your styles and taste. Plus, they are meant to be seen. You can hang them on the wall in entry way. Pick tapestries that has rich and warm color with simple design. Also make sure your color of the tapestry do not clash with your paint. If you wanna add an effect, you can put a mirror can be placed on the wall opposite the tapestry to give two tapestries effect. Decor is one of the most important things in your home cause when they enter your home, the decor will immediately give them a subtle clue about you personality.


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